GoodSense Gentle Non-GMO Milk-Based Powder Infant Formula Review​​​Picking the right infant formula for your baby is crucial. Whether you choose to supplement breast milk with formula or are switching to formula entirely, babies need the right nutrition. Thankfully, most commercial baby formulas contain the same ingredients because babies generally need the same nutrients. However, some babies have sensitivities or allergies that require the parents to find a different formula. Sometimes parents find the right one through trial and error, but at least some research has to go into the search. Here at Green and Growing, we want to help you find the right gentle infant formula for your child. The product we will be reviewing is the GoodSense Gentle Non-GMO formula this is iron-fortified.

Best Fea​tures

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    Comparable to more expensive brands
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    Lower percentage of lactose

Initial Thoughts

The GoodSense Gentle Non-GMO formula is mostly advertised as a generic version of the Enfamil Gentlease Non-GMO formula. This is helpful especially for parents who cannot afford more expensive brands. This product makes it so that babies do not suffer and actually receive the same amount of nutrition as other babies. In fact, the GoodSense infant formula packaging compares the nutrients in their formula and Enfamil’s, and there is only one difference. The GoodSense brand uses one more gram of water in the formula than Enfamil. Essentially, they are the same product, but you do not have to pay for the brand name.


When looking for the best infant formula for your child, you want to pay close attention to the ingredients. Infants have different needs, sensitivities, and potential allergies, so it is important to remember this. The GoodSense Gentle formula is milk-based, so this would not be good for lactose intolerant babies. However, this formula does have ingredients that are gentle on sensitive stomachs. This in turn helps with fussiness, gas, and crying. There are three main aspects of this formula’s ingredients that we will discuss.


Having a formula that is boosted with extra iron is always helpful for a baby’s growth and development. The body requires iron to create hemoglobin, which creates red blood cells. Those red blood cells then carry oxygen throughout the body. If a baby does not consume enough iron, they will not produce enough red blood cells, which creates a chain-reaction through the body. This prevents the necessary oxygen from reaching all the child’s vital organs and can harm development. In order to prevent this from happening (called anemia), be sure to give your infant iron-fortified foods.


The GoodSense Gentle infant formula also does not use genetically modified organisms in their ingredients. This just means that they stay away from ingredients that scientists genetically engineered in a lab to produce a certain trait. This helps you as parents to know that the ingredients are as nature intended them to be. The only downside is that being non-GMO does not mean there are not any potential chemicals in the ingredients. There are not any non-GMO requirements that prevent the use of pesticides and other such chemicals during the farming process. To be transparent, GoodSense adds a note on their packaging that their formula may also contain traces of GMO ingredients.

Lower Percentage of Lactose

Some babies have a slight lactose sensitivity that causes them to be gassy and fussy. In order to save them the discomfort and help you as a parent feel more at ease, it is good to choose a formula with less lactose. Some formulas greatly reduce the amount of this milk sugar, but GoodSense Gentle infant formula removes a smaller portion of it. This formula contains 25 percent less lactose than other milk-based formulas. This may work just fine for most babies with a sensitive stomach, but others with a stronger sensitivity may need another brand.


If you are wondering what makes this formula easier for babies to digest, we are here to tell you. GoodSense Gentle non-GMO formula is partially hydrolyzed, meaning that they broke the cow’s milk protein into smaller pieces. This is more gentle on sensitive stomachs because it does not take as much to break it down and digest it. The hydrolyzed formula, on top of a lower lactose percentage, helps babies digest their food easier. This decreases the amount of fussiness, gas, and crying after eating.

This infant formula also contains all the nutrition your baby needs to ensure they grow and develop properly. Each of the nutrients, vitamins, and minerals come together to make sure all the brain and eyes have the support they need. All of their vital organs receive balanced nutrition that is great for newborns and babies approaching one year.

The Product

As stated previously, the GoodSense Gentle non-GMO infant formula is essentially a generic version of the Enfamil Gentlease non-GMO formula. All of the ingredients are the same, with only a slight difference in the amount of water GoodSense added. The formula comes in a 21.5-ounce container, and Amazon offers them in a set of six. Individually, you are looking at $19.49 for an individual container. If you purchase the set of six, it costs $104.49, which reduces the individual cost to $18.33. You receive the greater value if you buy the set, but it is important to figure out which formula your baby likes first. 

About This Company

GoodSense is a company that offers a variety of generic products at value prices. This is great for families who do not have as much money but still need a good product. The formulas are practically the same but only with minor differences. Because of their infant formula, babies can receive vital nutrition without the parents paying for a name brand. The only problem that potentially arises from a generic brand is that the ingredients may not be as high quality. In order to offer a generic brand, some companies use low quality ingredients to create the same product. Be sure to be aware of this when looking for baby formula.


The most important and beneficial aspect of this formula is the fact that it offers all the right nutrition. Whether your child is a newborn or almost one year old, they can receive vital nutrients from the GoodSense Gentle formula. Many parents claim that after switching from Enfamil Gentlease to GoodSense Gentle, there was not any noticeable difference in their baby’s behavior. Some customers even say it is “just as good as name brand formulas.” These parents especially like that they could get good infant formula for a lower price.


There are only a few negative reviews for this GoodSense formula. Some babies have more sensitivities that this formula does not account for. This is not to say that this formula does not work, but it means that it will is not guaranteed to work on all sensitive stomachs. Other customers, even the ones that gave the product a review of five stars, note that the price has gone up recently. It is still cheaper than some of the other non-GMO infant formula brands, but it is still more expensive now. This can be a problem for families that needed a lower price.

Final Thoughts:

When it comes down to it, the GoodSense Gentle non-GMO formula is a great formula at a great price. You can give your child all the nutrition they need without paying for a name brand formula. It is comparable to the Enfamil Gentlease non-GMO formula but at a lower price. If this product sounds like a good fit for your child, give it a try and let us know how it works!

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    Comparable to more expensive brands
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    Lower percentage of lactose


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    Prices have gone up recently

GoodSense Gentle Non-GMO Milk-Based Powder Infant Formula Conclusion

Trying to find the best infant formula for your child can be difficult, but it is our goal to make your search easier. There are so many options to choose from, but we have a list of the best organic baby formula brands on the market available here at Green and Growing. Check out the different reviews we have, and you are sure to find a formula that works for your baby.

Common Questions

Here are some top questions that I found for people seriously considering buying the GoodSense Gentle Non-GMO Milk-Based Powder Infant Formula.

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    How many ounces does one container make? According to the container packaging, one container of this formula will make 155 fluid ounces. 
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    Does this formula mix well? If you do not take the time to mix it properly, the formula will clump. This happens with most brands though, so it is not anything new.

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