Hair Craft Co. Pomade Review

Hair Craft Co. Pomade is a highly rated pomade for hair styling on Amazon. It's a good enough item to have the Amazon Choice stamp and is also an Amazon Prime item which makes it available for Prime pricing and shipping. Hair Craft Co. is an up and coming hair product company committed to producing higher quality pomades and gels at a lower price than the competition. Does that mean that they will compromise quality to reduce price? By the end of the article hopefully you will be able to tell for yourself.

Best Fea​tures

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    Direct to consumer
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    Low Price
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    Large amount of product

Initial Thoughts

The pomade was made for a more natural look than what regular hair gel has to offer. It's to help style your hair in a way that makes it look like it naturally lays that way. With this water based pomade you have something that, first off, looks good in the packaging and second, looks good in your hair. It is soft and doesn't leave some of that pesky, white residue common to pomades. Along with this it has a strong enough hold to last you throughout the day without a need for restyling. It has a great finished texture in the hair with low shine. Overall my first impression of Hair Craft Co. Pomade was positive and led me to look into it more.


As I was looking for the ingredients used in Hair Craft Co. Pomade I learned that it was really hard to find what they made it out of. I couldn't find it on their website or on Amazon. All that I could find was that this product is an all natural pomade with a promise of being made cruelty free. This means that the product was not tested on any animals throughout its conception. As well as having these promises it is water soluble so it is easier to remove from your hair.

Common Ingredients in Pomades

Just to give the reader a little better idea of pomades I did find some more common ingredients in pomades. Aloe Vera, almond oil, beeswax, and jojoba oil are all fairly common ingredients in pomades. I am not stating that these are present in Hair Craft Co. Pomade, this is to just give a little better idea of the makeup of traditional pomades.

The Product

Hair Craft Co. does not have the same following or status of other styling companies such as American Crew. It has, however, developed a loyal following among the customers who have purchased from this company. Coming in sharp looking packaging, this 4 ounce container is starting to catch the attention of a lot of people.

According to most of the reviews on Amazon this is a great product, 81% of customers that reviewed this product gave it five out of five stars. One thing that many of the customers commented on was the fact that Hair Craft Co. has some of the best customer service they have ever seen. For those customers who rated it poorly or had a comment on something the pomade could improve on Hair Craft Co. reached out and thanked them and even offered a full refund. I think that says a lot about a company who hasn't forgotten who keeps them in business. Many of the customers who bought this were also coming back again and again saying they had found the product that they would use. These are all signs pointing towards this pomade being a top of the line product.

Most things of this product are positive and one very important thing is the performance of the water soluble pomade itself. With the product being water soluble it is easy to wash out and it shouldn't have the clumping effect that many pomades and creams do. This also makes restyling your hair easy if it gets messed up through the day, all it takes is a little water and running your hands or comb through your hair. The other commonly noted aspect among customers is its great smell. Many customers commented on the pleasant smell that Hair Craft Co. Pomade has, it's not overpowering and is something you can enjoy throughout the day.

About This Company

Hair Craft Co. was started by two guys named Alex and Leo. They had become tired of over-priced hair products that weren't giving them the results they wanted. The idea came to them to start a company of their own with a hair-styling product of their own. When they set out to do this they had three goals, to save the customer time and money, to have the best customer service and experience, and to give back to their community. As a young company they have been doing that and really do have some of the best customer service. They are a cruelty free company, they don't test on any animals with their product. They look to be the best and sale the best at an affordable price to their consumer.


Hair Craft Co. Pomade is the singular product made by the company and guarantees their full attention to quality. It's a very good price for a good amount of product. It has a light feeling and doesn't make the hair clump leaving white residue and it washes out easily.


Most complaints about the product were that its hold does not last the whole day. It can make hair become greasy after a full day of use. Some said it was more like a gel than a pomade. 

Final Thoughts:

Pomade has become a very popular way to style hair. For some people they may have never used pomade before or are more used to gels. Most of the customers who reviewed Hair Craft Co. Pomade loved the product. It has good hold, a light shine, and makes hair remoldable throughout the day. If pomade is your go to for styling your hair I think this is a great product for you to use. 

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    Comes in large quantities
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    Low Price
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    Great customer satisfaction


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    Can make hair become greasy

Hair Craft Co. Pomade Conclusion

Overall Hair Craft Co. Pomade is an awesome product that most like. It's made from a fairly young company and is currently their only product available on their website. They are completely committed to a good buying experience for their customers and to making a great pomade at an affordable price. It also comes in a pretty big quantity with every bottle. It has Amazon's Choice attached to it and it has become very popular very quickly. For any looking for a new pomade I would say to give Hair Craft Co. Pomade a try and you might just find your new styling staple.

Common Questions

Here are some top questions that I found for people seriously considering buying the Hair Craft Co. Pomade.

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    Does this pomade work well on thin hair? Yes it does, it has a strong enough hold to make the hair appear thick without the actual pomade being hard gel.
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    Does Hair Craft test on animals at any stage of manufacturing? Hair Craft Co. DOES NOT DO animal testing at all for any of our products nor in the development of our formulation when we started or at any point in manufacturing.

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