Happy Baby Organic Stage 1 Infant Formula Review

Nothing is more precious than one's children. As a parent it is the greatest responsibility to make sure that they are fed, nurtured, and loved. With such a big task as raising a child you want to make sure that they are getting the nutrients they need as a baby! There are many reasons that formula might be used over breast milk, but when it is used you want to make sure it's the best possible for your baby. No GMO's, pesticides, or hormones that might be harmful to a baby's health and growth. With Happy Baby Organic Stage 1 Infant Formula you get an awesome all natural formula for your child. In this review we will look at this formula and hopefully by the end you will be able to decide if happy baby formula is the best formula for your infant. 

Best Fea​tures

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    Organic formula
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    Environmentally friendly company
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    Extremely nutritious for babies 

Initial Thoughts

Not knowing much about baby formula I didn't know what to think when I first saw this product. I had to do some research and what I found was very promising. I saw that this is a company truly concerned about the health of the child and the company encourages breast feeding. They also want to give an organic option modeled after breast milk for those who might not be able to or need to supplement with formula. With an Amazon Choice badge this is obviously a very popular product for a good price. In the beginning I was extremely impressed with the product and company. Happy Baby's commitment to making a quality product and preserving the environment for future generations is what really caught my attention.


Happy Baby formula's whole purpose was to provide a healthy, organic formula to nourish babies. With this in mind they set out to create a healthy alternative to breast milk realizing that there is really no substitute for the real thing. The formula itself is modeled after breast milk to give your baby the most nutrients possible.


Lactose is the main and number 1 ingredient used in Happy Baby Organic Formula. It's sourced from organic farms whose cows are raised without steroids or GMO's. This carbohydrate aids in healthy bacteria growth in the intestines and also promotes health in the intestines. 

DHA (Docosahexaenoic acid)

DHA is a long chain polyunsaturated fatty acid found in breast milk. This particular fatty acid plays a role in neuro-development, making it an important part of the baby's development. It is know to be one of the most common fatty acids in the brain and this particular ingredient is sourced from non-GMO algae.


Happy Baby company also has many different vitamins in their organic formula. This includes calcium, phophorus, copper, folic acid, and choline among many others. All these are essential for the baby's growth and help it to develop properly. Along with development it helps the child to maintain healthy bones, heart, brain, teeth, etc.


Happy Baby Formula is a very effective product and is very good for your baby. With so many health benefits this will help your baby to develop properly and maintain good health. As with all formulas it is never going to be as good a breast milk but this is a great supplement or substitute when breast milk is not an option. The formula needs to be used within one month to avoid it going bad and not having the same benefits and effects it would normally have. 

The Product

The Happy Baby formula comes with two different options for buying when doing so through Amazon. It comes in a regular 21 ounce container at about 30 dollars. The other option is to get it in a pack of four for about 120 dollars, this allows you to buy in bulk. While it might be a little bit pricy it is a top shelf product. With great reviews and 4.2 out of 5 stars on Amazon this is a well liked by the customers who have used it as well. It does only have 229 reviews, so there are not a lot of them to go off of. Many report that this particular formula doesn't give their babies gas or cause them to spit up overly often. With a mild smell it is also better for the mothers as well and most commented that this is a great formula for their baby.

About This Company

Happy Baby which has now become Happy Family, was started in 2006 on Mother's Day by two caring mothers. With the worry that they couldn't find healthy, natural baby food they set out to change that and provide an environmentally friendly way to feed their children. It all began with a line of frozen organic baby food at a local Gourmet Garage location. Following success with more success the company continued to grow. In 2011 they became a certified B corporation which is a certification given to a for-profit company that has met many different environmental standards in various regards. With all this success the company was recognized in 2012 and 2013 as being the "Fastest Growing Organic Food Company" by Inc. 500. Happy Family was also recognized as the "Fastest Women-Owned/Led" companies. Overall this is a great company with an incredible mission to give the best nutrition possible to children and to give back to the world.


There are quite a few positives about Happy Baby formula. First it is an organic baby formula using non-GMO ingredients as well as prebiotics to help the baby grow. Next it comes from a company that is committed to helping the environment and leaving the world better for the next generation than how they found it. Lastly, the formula is modeled after breast milk so that it is as close as it can get to being like breast milk.


One of the biggest complaints with this formula is that when mixing the bottle it becomes very foamy and doesn't dissipate. Some have attributed this to their baby spitting up more. Another complaint is that the formula made the baby much more gassy than they usually were. These seemed to be the two most common complaints that were shown under the reviews on Amazon. 

Final Thoughts:

After I reviewed this product and looked into it deeper, I would recommend this to those who are looking for an organic baby formula. Happy Baby Organic Formula is a great product that seems to sit well with babies for the most part with many reporting that their baby loved it. It comes from a company with an inspiring mission and that gives back a lot to the community. Along with giving back to the community it tries to support and give back to those countries that need aid as well. With the idea to provide a green and healthy way to nourish your baby Happy Baby has the right idea. 

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  • plus
    Organic formula
  • plus
    Environmentally friendly company
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    Modeled after breast milk


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    May cause infants to become gassy

Happy Baby Organic Stage 1 Infant Formula Conclusion

If you are looking for a natural, organic baby formula to substitute or supplement breast milk, this is a great option. With many of the ingredients found naturally in breast milk it will give your baby the nutrients he or she needs. There are plenty of formulas on the market and it is definitely worth researching yourself, because there isn't anything more important than your child's health. If you are interested in Happy Baby Organic Formula then check it out on Amazon using the link below!

Common Questions

Here are some top questions that I found for people seriously considering buying the Happy Baby Organic Stage 1 Infant Formula.

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    How long does the formula last? The formula is recommended to be used in 1 month.
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    Does it have prebiotics? Yes, more than most organic infant formulas.

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