Happy Baby Organic Baby Food Stage 2, Simple Combos Review

Happy Baby Organic Baby Food is looking to be a pretty great brand. It currently has a 4.2 star rating on Amazon, along with a badge for "Amazon's Choice". As for the critical reviews, they all seem to be blaming the certain seller, rather than the manufacturer. But, let's crack these open and see what is going on with this brand of organic baby food. 

Best Fea​tures

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    Convenient Pouch 
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    Certified Organic
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    Great Nutritional Value
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    Stage 2

Item Specifics

Happy Baby Organic Baby Food is a stage 2 food, meant to start around 6 months old. Here, the baby food will be thicker and may feature small and soft pieces of food. Since babies at this age still do not have many teeth, the pieces of food will be soft enough for them to chew with their gums, but still substantial for their appetite. Now, these pieces of food will still be sparse, as the real chunks are yet to come. It is also a good idea at this stage to start mixing different foods together, like pureed meats and vegetables, or vegetables and fruits. In addition, at this age, it is also safe to allow them mashed, fresh fruits, like bananas. As for the serving sizes for stage two, it is recommended that you start with a teaspoon or two of each food and increase the portions to a quarter cup to a half cup of food, twice a day. However, it is also important not to overfeed your kid. Look for signs from your baby that they are full. For example, if they turn their head away from the spoon after a few spoonfuls, do not force more. 

Happy Baby Organic Baby Food is stored in a pouch design. While the pouch does offer a quick and convenient feeding method, it also is prone to developing mold. And since the pouch is nontransparent, it is harder to detect any mold or other contamination in the food. However, it does have a resealable cap to keep any uneaten food, fresh.

As for the food itself, it is certified organic by the USDA. This means that the ingredients will have been grown without any pesticides, GMOs, and made without any added or artificial flavors, colors, or sugars. In terms of the food itself, they all seem to be combinations of fruits and veggies. 


The Happy Baby Organic Baby Food  has a good amount of features and benefits that you can take advantage of. While the pouch is made from plastic, it is made in a way that greatly lowers the environmental footprint it has. In addition, the cap is recyclable, which even adds to its eco-friendly benefits. Plus, both the pouch and cap are free of BPA. 

In addition, the nutritional value of this food is incredible. Looking specifically at the Pear, Mango, Spinach recipe, it includes 1/4th pear, 1/4th mango, and 1/2 cup of spinach, along with absorbic acid (vitamin C), and organic lemon juice concentrate. All of that leaves you with 70 calories, 0 grams of fat including trans and saturated, 10 miligrams of sodium with no added salt, 115 miligrams of Potassium, 15 grams of carbs, including 2 grams of fiber and 13 grams of sugar none of which is added or artificial, and more than a gram of protein. Plus, one pouch accounts for 3% of your daily value of protein, 70% of  vitamin C, 4% of iron, 100% of vitamin A, 4% of calcium, and 35% of folate. 

With the variety pack, you are allowing your baby to try many different flavors without breaking the bank. This pack gives you 16, 4 ounce pouches, all of different flavors and recipes. Now, while only feeding your child veggies when they are combined with fruits is not the best idea, as it teaches them that veggies are only good when sweetened by fruits, feeding them these foods once a day won't hurt. 

About This Company

Happy Baby Organic Baby Food is owned under the name Happy Family. Happy Family was founded on mother's day in 2006, by mothers. It is operated as a premium organic food company. The founder and CEO, Shazi Visram, came up with Happy Family Organics when she saw her friend struggling to find healthy food options for her child. 

Now, Happy Family Organics has a wide range of organic and healthy food options for babies, tots, and younger kids, as well as support for moms too. Their baby food line includes organic formula, new clearly crafted food pouches and jars, whole milk yogurt, cereal, probiotic cereal, teething wafers, food puffs, yogis, and creamies, among others. All of their baby food products are under the name Happy Baby Organic. 


Happy Baby Organic baby food is USDA certified organic. This means that there are no pesticides, herbicides, GMO, artificial or added flavors, colors, or sugars. If you want the absolute best for your kid, organic is the way to go. 

The pouch is made from a BPA plastic that has a low environmental footprint. In addition, the cap is BPA free, resealable, and recyclable. 

Everything inside the Happy Baby Organic Baby Food is highly beneficial for your kid. In addition to the complete organic and natural ingredients, it is also high in nutrients and certain recipes can make up for the majority of the daily value for certain vitamins like A and C. 

The variety packs allow you to introduce many new and exciting flavors to your little one. It includes a pack of 16, 4 ounce pouches. 4 of each flavor. 


Pouches can be a hotbed for mold growth. It is actually the most common issue when it comes to food in pouches. Many of the complains have mentioned the food either being sold past its expiration date or mold being inside the pouch. 

Combining fruits and veggies all of the time when feeding your baby can send a bad message to your kid. If they are only getting veggies when with fruits, they will be less likely to enjoy plain veggies later in life. 

Final Thoughts:

From what I have seen with Happy Baby Organic Baby food, many people have complained that there has been mold in the pouches of the food. However, this seems to be the fault of the seller, rather than the manufacturer. Many people have reported that the food came to them expired, sour, bad consistency, and more. However, they also said that typically they enjoy Happy Family brand foods and that the blame may be on the seller's end. This seems to be a common trend when buying baby food online, as the conditions of which the food is stored and for how long is fairly unknown. It may be a better idea to buy the food from a store, or directly from the seller. If you are set on ordering the baby food online, be sure that the company is in fact the seller, or that it is being sold through Amazon.com and not a third party seller. 

Happy Baby Organic Stage 2 Baby Food, Simple Combos, best organic baby food


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    Great nutritional value
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    Certified Organic


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    Complaints of mold in pouches
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    No plain veggies

Happy Baby Organic Baby Food Conclusion

Overall, as long as you are buying from the actual company or a certified Amazon seller, you will really enjoy this food. While it is still probably a better idea to buy it in a store, you can find it on Amazon for $18.72. For any other information, including the best organic baby food, head on back to Green and Growing. 

Common Questions

Here are some top questions that I found for people seriously considering buying the Happy Baby Organic Stage 2 Baby Food, Simple Combos.

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    What is the variety of flavors in the 16 pack? You will be getting 4, 4 ounce pouches of each flavor. 
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    Do these need to be refrigerated? Only after you open them do they need to be put in the fridge.

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