HomePlate Peanut Butter Review

HomePlate Peanut Butter looks like it is a great alternative to standard peanut butters. With an emphasis on being one of the most versatile peanut butter brands out there, what separates HomePlate Peanut Butter from its natural peanut butter alternatives? Let's find out. 

Best Fea​tures

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    100% Natural ingredients
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    Extremely healthy
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    No artificial sugars or sweeteners

Initial Thoughts

When it comes to peanut butter, there are a lot of options to choose from. Not all choices are the same. Many of the peanut butter products consumed are extremely high calorie and contain a large amount of fat and sugars. Sure, they taste great, but peanut butter can really expand the waistline. The key to healthy peanut butter is cutting the artificial ingredients, and finding all natural ingredients that are full of nutrients, specifically protein. HomePlate Peanut Butter has made a great tasting peanut butter using only the necessary ingredients.


HomePlate Peanut Butter uses only the necessary ingredients needed to make their peanut butter taste great and be able to be eaten easily and conviently on the go. Peanuts, salt, palm oil, and cane suger. It has no preservatives. Because there are no extra ingredients, this product is gluten free, Non-GMO, and 100% vegan. So if you are looking for just the bare bones of peanut butter, this is the stuff for you!


When looking at the nutritional facts for Homeplate Peanut Butter, it looks all pretty much the same as most other natural peanut butters out there. However, HomePlate has made an emphasis with their marketing that separates them from the rest of the natural peanut butter brands. Their goal is to allow people to eat there peanut butter on the go. HomePlate peanut butter focuses on keeping it cheap, while also having many different packaging options that are great for a lunch box, or a snack at work. 

Now HomePlate Peanut butter does not taste drastically different from your standard peanut butters. This can be a good thing if you have kids who do not like the taste of organic peanut butters, but for those of us who enjoy a more nutty, less sugary taste, this peanut butter might not be for you. It is honestly hard to tell the difference between HomePlate Peanut Butter and your standard peanut butters. This product has a lot of sodium in it, which is not entirely the best and can make the butter overly salty. Other than that, everything else is pretty much standard when compared to other peanut butters. 

Organic Peanut Butter

The term "natural" is thrown around a lot when it comes to marketing and branding products. Unfortunately, there is not a whole lot of regulations or standards around that term. It is not like Organic, which has a seal certified by the USDA behind it to back up the claims. However, the natural world is not a barren wasteland. For a product to be labelled natural peanut butter, it has to contain 90% peanuts with no artificial sweeteners, colors, or preservatives. But that is pretty much it. Many natural peanut butter products still contain a bunch of stuff that you probably do not want in your body. So what does the best natural peanut butter actually have in it? Well peanuts of course, and a pinch of salt. That is it. Honestly, that is literally it. No oils, no sugars, so additives. Just peanuts and salt. A bit surprising right? You can actually even try making your own if you really want to!

There are a lot of "natural" peanut butter products out there and most of the time you have to struggle with that weird separation of the oils from the butter. This is because they add various oils in the butter to give it that consistency and to make it easier to spread. And you will get this issue with the best natural peanut butter as well, but it will be rare. Truly natural peanut butter does have natural oils which may separate from the butter, but it will not be as much as when other oils are added. Homeplate Peanut Butter has chosen to add palm fruit oil, a natural ingredient, to their recipe to keep their peanut butter easy to spread and make it so it doesn’t separate. This factor backs up their marketing as a peanut butter that is natural but travels well. You will have no mixing to do when you take this peanut butter on the road! 

About This Company

HomePlate Peanut Butter was founded by a bunch of men who were constaly eating peanut butter during their time in professional baseball. The story is actually kind of cool and makes the idea of having the product be more versatile in its marketing make sense. They wanted a delicious peanut butter that was a lot more natural than their current options, but still gave you that much needed pick-me-up. HomePlate peanut butter is completely chemical free, but you still do not have to  stir their peanut butter.The owners feel that HomePlate Peanut Butter is the peanut butter that combines natural ingredients with versitility. Oh and did I mention that HomePlate is entirely American made? 


HomePlate peanut butter tastes delicious and sweet. This can be a good change of pace if you are looking for a nautral snack, or are using peanut butter to compliment something you do not like eating. I am constantly putting sweet peanut butter on my celery. 

This peanut butter doesn’t require any stirring, but it is still natural! 

This peanut butter is entirely organic, vegan, GMO-free, Kosher, dairy free, and has no trans fats. Nothing has been added except for the most natural ingredients. Oh, and it is 100% made in the USA.

Cost effective for an all natural peanut butter. 


This product does not feel all that natural. This can be off-putting to some consumers who are searching for more of a rich nutty flavor in their peanut butter. 

There aren’t many large complaints about this brand, but I think that is proof of how standard it really is. Some people say that the crunchy peanut butter isn’t really that crunchy. Some say it is a little bit too runny for them. With it not tasting that different from standard peanut butter, you could buy a similar tasting product for much cheaper. 

Final Thoughts:

While not your most healthy option, this is some good peanut butter. If you want to know my opinion of the most healthy peanut butter out there, check out this article on Naturally More 100% Organic Peanut Butter. However, if you are looking for a great tasting, versatile peanut butter that keeps it natural and travels really well, consider buying HomePlate Peanut Butter. 


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    Super easy to take on the go
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    No stirring is required
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    A little too sweet for some

HomePlate Peanut Butter Conclusion

HomePlate Peanut Butter is a great ompanty to work with who is trying to bring delicious peanut butter to people who live a more active lifestyle. They want their peanut butter to be wholesome, but also want it to taste great. it isn't going to be the peanut butter that is the healthiest option. It is, however, possibly the most convenient option for someone who wants to keep it natural on the go. HomePlate Peanut Butter is loved by a lot of people, and it is pretty hard to find anything negative about it. Give it a shot, and you might find that it is your new favorite natural peanut butter brand. For anymore information, including the best natural peanut butter, check out the rest of Green and Growing. 

Common Questions

Here are some top questions that I found for people seriously considering buying the HomePlate Peanut Butter.

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    Does it need to be refrigerated? Refrigeration isn't necessary, but it will make the consistency more firm. 
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    Is it gluten free? Yep, it's totally safe for gluten restricted diets.

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