Lalapao 2 Pack Solar String Lights Review

If you want to put lights outside your house but do not have any outlets outside, you should consider using solar string lights. These kinds of Christmas lights do not need an outlet because they only run on solar energy. This means that you can place these string lights wherever you want them to be without any worries at all. These lights help you to accomplish your goal of making your home a winter wonderland this holiday season with minimal stress. Today, we will be discussing the Lalapao solar string lights that you can grab on Amazon.

Best Fea​tures

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    LED lights
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    Multiple lighting modes

Initial Thoughts

The Lalapao solar string lights have a similar look as the Qedertek brand, but several brands of solar Christmas lights have a similar look to them. Each has a solar panel at one end of the strand with plenty of extra string before the lights. This enables you to place the solar panel in direct sunlight while still placing the lights where you want them. The LED lights also have the same cylindrical shape to them, which is quite different when compared to traditional incandescent string lights. On Amazon, the Lalapao string lights have a rating of 3.8 stars. This implies that the product is pretty good, but there are obviously some issues as well. Let’s take a closer look.


When it comes to the materials that comprise the Lalapao solar string lights, the LED light bulbs make them incredibly energy efficient. LED lights do not use filaments like incandescent lights, and they require fewer watts as well. The average 50-bulb strand of LED Christmas lights needs only 4 watts to operate. The Lalapao lights have 200 LED bulbs, so it most likely only needs 16 watts. Most incandescent strands need hundreds of watts to operate, so these kinds of bulbs are much more energy efficient.

LED light bulbs also last much longer than incandescent bulbs. Most incandescent light bulbs last for 1,200 hours, and LED bulbs typically last 25 times longer. This makes it so you not only conserve energy during the holiday season, but your Christmas lights will last for several seasons. They are also much safer than incandescent bulbs because they do not heat up and remain rather cool. Several families fall victim to fires caused by string lights and other holiday decorations, which leads to millions of dollars in damage every year.


The fact that these Christmas lights are solar powered also make them a great product. Most families in the United States have higher electricity bills during the holidays because of the lights they use to decorate. Sure, they could save money on their electric bill if they just switched to LED bulbs on their electric string lights, but they could save even more money by going solar. Using solar string lights eliminates the need for electricity entirely, which means you will not see your electric bill go up. If we can save money during the holidays, that means we use that money for a greater cause.

When using solar powered string lights, you have to make sure to place the solar panel in direct sunlight. This is how the battery charges and keeps your lights on at night. If you do not let the panel have access to an adequate amount of sunlight, the performance of the lights will be lackluster. Lalapao states that with an adequate charge, their solar string lights will shine brightly for 10 hours during the night. This means that if your geographical area experiences a lot of sunlight, you should not have any issues. On the other hand, if you experience rain, snow, and cloudy days, this will cut down the sunlight exposed to the solar panel and affects the light’s performance.

If you experience inclement weather, this does not mean that you cannot use solar string lights. Many brands, including Lalapao, make their light strands waterproof to protect them from the elements. Even though the lights may not shine brightly after a day or rain or snow, they will still be able to work on the next sunny day.

The Product

The Lalapao solar string lights come in a set of two 72-foot strands, with each strand having 200 LED light bulbs. You can use these solar Christmas lights to decorate any surface, both indoor and outdoor. Some may want to use these lights for their Christmas tree, while others use them for their front porch, house, bushes, or fence. Whatever you want to use them for will work great. These lights are sturdy enough to be wrapped around objects too, so you do not have to worry about that. These Christmas lights also come with eight different light modes to play with. Your options include steady light, twinkling, and various forms of flashing. The best part is that you get to choose!

These solar string lights also come with a mode that has them automatically turn on and off. When the solar panel detects darkness, the lights will automatically turn on. Similarly, when the solar panel detects light, the lights will turn off. This saves you additional stress during the holidays because you do not even have to remember to turn the lights on. Essentially, you just have to install the strands and the solar panel will do the rest of the work for you.

You can grab a pack of two strands of solar powered Christmas lights on Amazon for $25.99. This is a phenomenal price for solar string lights, especially for two of them. Several brands sell their lights individually for about the same price. The only problem that may arise from this great deal is that the strands may not be as high quality as other brands.

About This Company

Lalapao does have a website, but it is currently unavailable for access. Unfortunately, we do not have any information about this company, but it is apparent that they want to provide solar string lights at a good price. Many people avoid solar powered products because they assume they are too expensive. It is true that solar products are expensive, with solar Christmas lights selling for about 30 to 50 percent more than traditional electric light strands. It is important to remember though that this extra money typically gives you a superior product.


One of the greatest aspects of the Lalapao solar string lights is that they use LED light bulbs. This makes these solar lights able to last much longer than incandescent light strands. In fact, you should be able to go through multiple holiday seasons before a bulb burns out. These kinds of light bulbs are also energy efficient, so they need less energy than incandescent bulbs to work. This means that the solar panel on the end of the strand does not need to convert as much sunlight into energy to power these bulbs. Last of all, LED bulbs are much safer and are less likely to cause any holiday decoration-related fires.

Solar Christmas lights are also great because they are environmentally friendly. They use readily available sunlight to power the light bulbs and do not run up your electric bill. This conserves energy and helps cut back the use of unsustainable energy. This makes them better for the environment than electric string lights.

These string lights are also fun because they have eight different lighting modes. You can choose from steady light, twinkling light, and various forms of flashing light. This helps you be as creative as you want to be as you transform your property into a winter wonderland. You can even change up which mode you use over the course of the season without even having to replace the lights.


The most frequent complaint from dissatisfied customers is that these solar string lights are not consistent and do not last long. Other customers have used their lights for years without problems, so there may be inconsistencies in the manufacturing process. It could also come from the geographical area and how much light the solar panels receive. Either way, you should keep this in mind as you consider purchasing these lights.

Final Thoughts:

Overall, the Lalapao solar string lights are great for those who are new to solar Christmas lights. It has a great price, considering you can have two strands for the price of one. These may not be ideal for those who want to run their lights constantly over the season, purely for the fact that they may not hold up well to consistent use. If this sounds like a product you would like to try, you can grab this pack of two on Amazon for $25.99.

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    LED light bulbs
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    Multiple lighting modes


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    Some do not last as long as others

Lalapao 2 Pack Solar String Lights Conclusion

Using solar powered string lights this holiday season is a great way to give a Christmas gift to the environment this year. They are an eco-friendly way to decorate your home and cut down on any wasted energy. Even if you do not think the Lalapao solar lights are for you, we have several other solar string light reviews here at Green and Growing. Check them out and you are sure to find one that you like!

Common Questions

Here are some top questions that I found for people seriously considering buying the Lalapao 2 Pack Solar String Lights.

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    Do these solar lights need direct sunlight to work? Solar panels need direct sunlight to perform well, so it is not different for solar lights. The more sunlight the panel receives, the brighter and longer the lights will stay on at night.
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    How long is each strand? Each strand is 72 feet long. These lights come in a pack of two though, so you get 144 feet of lights.

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