6 Ways to Cut Calories and Lose Weight Without Dieting

When people want to lose weight, they immediately assume they have to heavily restrict their diet. They also think that they have to hit the gym every morning for an hour. In actuality, setting goals to cut calories and lose weight is a lot easier than that. It starts with small steps that you incorporate into all of your meals. Restrictive diets can build an unhealthy relationship with food and leave you feeling deprived. Thankfully, the changes you start making are much less severe. Here are a few ways you can cut calories to lose weight.

Eat Breakfast 

One common myth some people believe is that skipping breakfast is an efficient way to cut calories. For one, this does not work because you deprive yourself of the energy you need to power through the morning. Secondly, people that skip breakfast tend to eat more during the day. Studies even show that people who eat breakfast tend to do better at work and school. When considering what to eat for breakfast, stick to protein-rich foods like eggs, fruits, nuts, and greek yogurt. Oatmeal is a great way to get your fiber, and then you can add fruits and nuts to it.

Drink Water

Drinking water throughout the day is absolutely key to lose weight. Not only does it keep you hydrated, but it also helps fill you up so you do not eat as many needless snacks. In fact, studies state that those who drank water before a meal ate less food than those who did not. Water also has amazing benefits for your skin and helps your organs to function more efficiently.

Balance Each Meal

You do not have to go on a restrictive diet to lose weight, but you should balance out your meals. Instead of letting meat take the center of attention, pile veggies on your plate. Low calorie, high volume fruits and vegetables crowds out the other high-calorie foods. You should also make sure to add enough protein and grains to your meals. Substitute your refined grains (white bread, cookies, and cake) for whole grain breads and pastas.

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Eliminate Electronic Distractions

If you are the kind of person who sits down to eat with the television, computer, or other electronic devices ready, you may want to rethink that action. These kinds of distractions can make you lose track of how much you have eaten and lead to overeating. This defeats the purpose of cutting calories to lose weight. It is even a problem if you eat absentmindedly. Instead, be in the moment while you eat and you will see a decrease in how much you eat.

Take Smaller Portions

Over the past decades, portion sizes have only gotten bigger. This causes people to overeat and therefore consume more calories than they need. Instead of eating to lose weight, overeating is a sure-fire way to gain weight. One way to keep yourself from overeating is to eat smaller portions. Use smaller plates to trick your brain into thinking that there is more food on your plate than there really is. Larger plates make the food look small, so we unintentionally pile on more food.

Slow Down

When some people sit down to eat, they do it so fast that you may wonder if they even had time to chew any of it. When you eat fast, it takes longer for your stomach to realize it is full. As a result, people who eat fast tend to eat more than they should. Instead, take your time while you eat and chew your food slowly. If this is difficult for you, count the number of times that you chew each bite. Slowing down when you eat will help you to recognize when you are full and stop eating before you get too full.

It Is Easier to Lose Weight Than You Think

There are several other ways to cut calories and lose weight, but these six needed mentioning. Losing weight does not have to be a major ordeal both emotionally and physically. It just takes some minor changes in your day to day life. This does not mean that you can skip out on exercise though. Eating right is only half the battle and works best when paired with exercise.

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