How to Make Your Own DIY Solar Christmas Lights for Green and Bright Holidays

The Christmas holidays are approaching fast. While many of us are preoccupied with buying the best gifts for our loved ones, we still have to make time for home Christmas decorations. Not so long ago, we talked about fun and creative ways to recycle old Christmas decorations into new ones to have an amazing time while keeping things green and eco-friendly. This time we will learn together more about DIY solar Christmas lights. As much as we love turning our homes and gardens into bright and colorful patches of paradise, we still have to remember that the winter holidays have a major impact on the environment and on our budgets as well.

Using solar power to light up your Christmas holidays this year is the sensible thing to do, for both the environment and your personal pocket. Of course, you could buy solar powered Christmas lights, but they may prove a bit too expensive. On the other hand, nothing says “family time” and “Christmas cheer” better than making your own DIY solar Christmas lights. So let us see a few ingenious ideas on how to spark your holidays up with the help of solar power!

1. Mason Jar Solar Lights for Indoor or Outdoor Fun

diy solar christmas lights mason jar solar lamps

Solar powered patio or garden lamps are not a thing of summer. On the contrary, you can make the best out of this project in winter as well. You only need a handful of materials, some free time, and some creativity.


  • Clear mason jars with rings
  • Stake garden solar lights
  • Double-sided tape or foam/glue

How to Make Mason jar DIY Solar Christmas Lights

The first thing you need is to find solar stake garden lights with removable tops and mason jars to fit them. Once you found your matching components, things get even easier.

  • Remove the tops of the stake solar lamps
  • Remove the ring/lid of the jars
  • If the lamps’ tops are smaller in circumference than the mason jars top, wrap the lamps with double-sided tape. However, do not remove the paper from the other side of the tape (in between the lamp and the jar) to be able to remove the lamp from the jar when needed. It will also help you better access the on/off switch on the light (if there is one).
  • For a more rustic effect, you can wrap up the lights with thin rope so they perfectly seal the jars as lids.
  • Set your new lamps outside in the sun for 4 to 8 hours to charge and enjoy an evening of pure magic afterward.
  • If you want to take things up a notch, add a wire handle to the lamp jars to hang them all around your property or inside the house.

Extra Tip:

For a spectacular Christmas look and feel, you can frost the jars or decorate them with glued paper cutouts in the shape of snowflakes or stars, or glue a layer of glitter on them. 

2. DIY Icicle Christmas Lights for Indoor or Outdoor Holidays Cheer

diy solar christmas lights icicle lights

Regular icicle Christmas lights can get very expensive. So why not try making them at home, with the added benefit of solar power?


  • Strands of clear/white mini Christmas lights
  • Clear zip ties
  • Solar powered outlet / solar powered rechargeable batteries

How to Make Solar Powered Christmas Icicles

  • Pick a handful of mini Christmas lights strands
  • Gather a group of 6 to 10 lights together
  • Secure the lights bunch with a clear zip tie
  • These light bunches should hang vertically from the rest of the strand
  • Keep gathering groups of 6-10 lights and keep them together with zip ties until the entire strand gets such light groups at varying heights strung together.
  • For more icicles, plug another strand into the strand that you have just completed and repeat the process.
  • Repeat until all of the strands of lights you picked have now turned into icicles.
  • Hang the lights – if you are hanging them outside the house, make sure you use a weather-resistant electrical cord. Plug them into your solar power outdoor outlet.
  • If you use the lights inside the house, power them up with solar rechargeable batteries or a solar powered outlet you already fully charged.

Extra Tip:

For a whimsical, magical Christmas effect, you can also choose colored Christmas light strands and even blinking ones.

3. Convert Regular Mini Lights into Solar Christmas Lights

diy solar christmas lights led lights solar panels

Do you already have some mini Christmas lights you want to convert into solar powered ones? Let see if you can achieve such goal!


The first thing to pay attention to is the type of mini Christmas lights you have and want to convert. If you already have LED Christmas lights, your job has become easier. While you can convert almost all types of mini lights, your job will also become easier if you use any which work on DC electricity. This is what you need:

  • Christmas lights on direct current electricity
  • Solar panel chargers with included batteries able to generate enough electricity to power the lights (for LED lights a 12 V panel should do the trick)
  • Screwdrivers
  • A soldering iron

How to Convert Regular Mini Lights into Solar Christmas Lights

Now that you have all the materials, let us begin the conversion!

  • Cut the cord on the Christmas lights, making sure you have enough cable left to connect them to the solar panels; if you cut the cords too short, you will not be able to connect them correctly to the solar panels and wire them properly.
  • Wire the lights into the solar panels: if they have screw terminals, clamp the connection with your screwdrivers; if the solar panels come with soldered connections, use the soldering iron to achieve tight and secure connections.
  • Keep in mind to work safely with electricity: make sure the connections are secure and properly insulated and all power is off when connecting the lights.

Extra Tip:

Specialists are recommending you use LED Christmas lights because they consume less energy and will burn longer and brighter during your winter holidays.

BONUS: Garden Ideas – 8 DIY Solar Christmas Lights

The beauty and utility of solar power are that it can save you money and protect the environment all year long. Before we wish you a Merry Christmas, let us look at eight simple and beautiful ideas on how to create garden solar lamps. If you like them, you can adapt them so you can create your own outdoor magical landscape this Christmas. Just make sure you use the proper solar panel and the right solar rechargeable batteries and solar outdoor outlets! Do not forget that you can also build your own DIY solar panels in part to enjoy sustainable energy all year long!

Do you have other ideas and projects for making DIY solar Christmas lights? Sharing is caring and we all need a drop of winter fun to further build our sustainable, green lives!

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