Micro-Fragmenting Is Exactly What We Need to Save Our Coral Reefs

It’s not a secret that our coral reefs are in danger. Sunblock has dangerous chemicals that are killing off our reefs. Slowly, but surely, our reefs are dwindling away. It seemed that there wasn’t a cure for this problem. How can we replenish something under water? How can we fix coral reefs? Indeed, it’s a daunting task. However, scientists have made huge progress towards solving this problem. Micro-fragmenting is a way to restore coral reefs quicker than nature intends. It’s safe for the oceans and uses coral to repair coral reefs.

The Creation of Micro-Fragmenting

Did you know that penicillin was created by accident? So was the microwave oven. Do you know what else was invented, accidentally? Micro-fragmenting. Dr. David Vaughan is a scientist who studies coral and other oceanic creatures. One day, coral got stuck to a tank. Then, he went to pick the coral up, and a piece fell off. I know that it sounds strange, but this is how micro-fragmenting was created. The result of the broken coral lead Dr. Vaughan to use broken pieces of coral to restore coral reefs.

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Image Source: The Atlantic

The Process of Micro-Fragmenting

Normally, it takes 25-75 years for coral to grow back, naturally. Micro-fragmenting can restore coral 40 times quicker. Therefore, what used to take half a century can now be done in 3 years. Now, let’s talk about how it works. Large pieces of coral are grown in a laboratory. Next, the coral is broken up into pieces. Then, these pieces are replanted into the wild. Eventually, the coral will recognize the smaller pieces and begin to fuse together. Therefore, the coral is restored. Micro-fragmenting works for all coral species. The process of micro-fragmenting allows scientists to produce over 600 coral pieces in a single afternoon. Currently, Dr. Vaughan is restoring the reef tract in Florida. It won’t be long before micro-fragmenting is used throughout the world, in every ocean.

The Benefits of Micro-Fragmenting

Coral reefs are an important part of our oceans. It’s a shame when any aspect of our world is endangered. Normally, there isn’t a way to restore what is damaged. However, micro-fragmenting is a way to restore coral reefs. Coral reefs are home to thousands of sea creatures. If they disappear, then those creatures will be vulnerable to predators. It could totally throw off the whole ecosystem. It’s important to replenish a crucial part of our oceans. Micro-fragmenting is the quickest way to help the coral reefs and all those that rely on them.


In conclusion, micro-fragmenting is a great way to save our coral reefs. It can save the animals that rely so strongly on the reefs. It’s a job for a professional. Also, there are other places around the world that are trying different ways to restore the coral reefs. However, you can do your part to help protect the coral reefs. Let’s work together to save these reefs!

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