6 Interesting Renewable Energy Facts to Know

Our environment is slowly degrading, and this calls for immediate action. Fortunately, people aren’t so insensitive of ecological problems and are actually trying to improve the world we live in. Since we consume so many resources just to get power, renewable energy is one of the hottest trends of the moment. Here are some interesting renewable energy facts you should know if you want to go green.

Why Is Renewable Energy Important?

Our resources are not endless, so the prospect of finishing them all isn’t too nice of a scenario. Therefore, we need some alternatives, so that we might give the environment a break. Green energy is one great idea, as it doesn’t consume limited resources, is usually cheaper, and doesn’t pollute.

By going for renewable energy sources, we can solve a series of problems. By going energy-green, we can reduce the amount of pollution we produce, reduce the effects of global warming, and make the oceans less acidic. On top of that, this type of energy is a lot cheaper.

The trend might look like it’s a new one but, in fact, renewable energy has always been around. We had windmills and water-powered turbines hundreds of years ago, and these techniques are now making a comeback. Since technology has evolved, this type of energy is now easier to produce.

Renewable Energy Facts

If you don’t know much about this topic, it’s time to get informed. These renewable energy facts should spice your interest in the matter and maybe convince you to go green. You might find out this type of energy is actually a lot more productive and not so difficult to obtain.

1.      Renewable Energy Doesn’t Get Too Many Subsidies

We should start the list with a negative fact so that people might realize some truths. Renewable energy has become a lot popular in the recent years. As a result, the government has offered some grants to help people produce their own green energy farms. However, the sum of money they receive is not at all impressive.

In fact, fossil fuels get a lot more subsidies than green energy. More precisely, they get four times the money given to renewable energy. These fuels bring the biggest contribution to greenhouse gas emissions, so their use should no longer be encouraged. It’s true, sometimes it’s impossible to cut them completely, but we can reduce their consumption and stick to greener alternatives.

2.      In the Old Times, People Used Water Wheels to Produce Energy

A list of renewable energy facts should not omit the power of water. People have always been using it to produce energy and, even today, it remains one of the most important sources of green energy. However, when people lacked sophisticated technology, they used water wheels. Water’s kinetic energy was enough to move a wheel, and this movement turned into other types of energy people could use.

Old mill with a water wheel, renewable energy facts

3.      Wind Turbines Are Incredibly Powerful

Another popular green energy source is the wind. When you go driving in the country, you stumble upon dozens of wind turbines spread all over the field. However, you probably never thought of the amount of power they produce.

These turbines are actually really productive, as only one makes enough energy for 1,400 homes. Therefore, an entire field covered in wind turbines can sustain a city without problems. China seems to have understood that, as it builds two such turbines every hour.

4.      The Renewable Industry Is Putting Out Job Openings

Nowadays, the green energy has turned into a full-fledged industry. This means that people have built power facilities that use solar, water, or wind resources. These facilities need supervision, so they need people to work there. This means there are plenty of jobs available, which is great for the economy.

In fact, this industry is really prosperous from this point of view. It produces the biggest number of job openings in all the other industries, so there are no reasons why we should neglect it. At the moment, there are about 4 million people working in the field, and it faces a constant growth.

5.      Green Energy Is Extremely Reliable

Among all the renewable energy facts out there, this is among the most unexpected ones. People don’t know that power grids are quite unstable. Usually, electricians need to make perfect predictions so that they can build a foolproof system.

However, this doesn’t always happen, and some power grids may vary. They usually act different according to the season, which makes renewable energy a lot more stable. In some cases, it might depend on environmental factors as well, but a well-designed system creates more energy that one can use anytime.

For instance, power outages are common with a power grid. For renewable energy, they should become a thing of the past.

6.      The Most Important Green Energy Source Is the Sun

Water and wind might be relative sources of energy, as you cannot harvest them anywhere. However, the sun is always there, and it has an immense potential. This is why people should invest mostly in harvesting solar power and turning it into energy.

One of the most essential renewable energy facts is related to the sun. If we made use of all the sunlight we get, we might be able to live strictly on sustainable energy. All we need is some solar panels and we’re set. You can basically cover your roof with panels but, if you have more space, you can harvest as much of the sun as possible.

In fact, scientists came up with some really interesting ideas. The moon is quite a good place for producing solar energy. It gets bathed in sunlight as well, so installing panels on its broad surface should produce a huge amount of energy.

Summing Up

The purpose of these renewable energy facts was to let you know of the many benefits of sustainable living. Knowing how productive and cheap these methods are, you might easily be persuaded into going green. Green energy starts small, with people producing their own power right in their backyard. The next step is to go global, as natural resources are enough to produce energy for entire cities.

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