Royal Air-Tight Food Storage Container Set Review

As I write this article, the Royal Air-Tight Food Storage Container Set currently has a 4.6 rating on Amazon and hold an Amazon’s Choice badge. This is a highly recommended product on Amazon, with 938 customer reviews and ratings. But is this product really worth buying? Read on to find out.

Best Fea​tures

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    Easy to clean
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    Lid-locks are airtight
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    High quality

Item Specifics

The Royal Air-Tight Food Storage Container Set is a versatile collection that allows you to store your favorite foods efficiently. It comes in many different shapes and sizes so that you can fit all types of food inside. This particular set comes with five pieces, but there are also options to get a ten and fifteen piece set.

A nice thing about these containers is that they are liquid-friendly. This means that they’re not only good for dry foods, but also for holding liquids such as juice or water. They are easy to pour and have been designed to be airtight, which prevents spills as soon as the handle is pushed down.

Not only are they liquid-friendly, but they’re also easy to clean and are made with excellent quality. They are BPA free, so you won’t have to worry about dangerous chemicals getting into your food. They can be put in the dishwasher, but some people prefer to clean them by hand. One customer said the following: “If you wash them in the dishwasher, they will get cloudy with scratches from the detergent. Up to you if that matters. I like them to be "pretty", so I hand wash them.”


There are several great features of the Royal Air-Tight Food Storage Container Set. As mentioned before, this set comes with five different containers and lids. It includes one tall container (2.0 qt/2.3 liters), one medium container (1.5 qt./ 1.7 liters), two small containers (0.9qt/ 1.0 liter), and one mini container (0.35qt/ 0.38 liter).

As far as the sizes go, people have said that they are excellent for storing foods such as cereal and baking ingredients. Customers also like to use them for dog treats. The largest container is tall enough for spaghetti noodles, which is ideal for storing without worrying about the noodles breaking in half.

The lids on this set have a lid-lock mechanism. When the ring on the lid is pushed down, the seal on the inside (made of silicone) will seal the jar, making it airtight. When the ring is popped back up, it can serve as a handle to lift the lid. A great feature of this set is that it allows you to store food for a long time while keeping it fresh.

The Royal Air-Tight Food Storage Container Set can be purchased on Amazon for a price of $35.97. There is also a coupon currently attached to this item for $2.00 off. Although this may be a bit more pricey than other food storage brands, people have said that they are worth it because of their quality.

About This Company

I wasn’t able to find very much information about the company who manufactures the Royal Air-Tight Food Storage Container Set. However, through my research, I did find out that they sell their products to many different companies, such as Amazon, Walmart, and ShopKo. This shows that they are a very popular and well-known brand.


There are several great things about the Royal Air-Tight Food Storage Container Set. First of all is the fact that it comes in several different sizes but the lids are all the same size. If you’re anything like me, you may hate the time that it takes to try to match Tupperware lids to their proper containers. This set, however, solves that problem.

Next, is that these containers are made of high quality. According to Amazon, the containers are made from BPA plastic and “have been tested to be durable and long-lasting. With a stackable and modular design, these containers will save you a ton of space in your pantry and cabinets for better kitchen organization.” Several customers have said that they love how nicely these containers stack up on one another and that you can easily see what’s in them since they’re clear. This will help lower your grocery bill because you won’t continuously buy things that you didn’t know you already had.

Another pro is that the Royal Air-Tight Food Storage Container Set is easy to clean. You have the option of putting them in the dishwasher or hand washing them, which is all up to your personal preference. A customer said that she has had these storage containers for years and they have held up very nicely.

Finally, is the fact that the lid-locks actually work. You won’t have to worry about unnecessary spills or your food going bad because the lids are actually airtight. Unlike other containers, very few people complained about the lids slipping off when they weren’t supposed to.


Some of the cons that I read about had to do with the sizes of the containers. Although many people love that they include different size varieties, they don’t like that some of them are either too small or too large. Customers who bake a lot say that this container set doesn’t hold enough. One lady said the following: “A LOT smaller than I imagined. Purchased to use to hold baking items such as flour, sugar, etc and the largest one wouldnt even hold half a bag of flour.”

Another person stated that they didn’t like how the largest container was too tall to fit on a standard shelf. They had to sit it sideways in order to make it fit. However, others have said that because they look so nice, they like to keep them out on display. Once again, this all has to do with personal preference.

Other than the sizes, there really weren’t too many other complaints. For some, the containers came broken, but that’s most likely because of shipping and handling. They were able to get them replaced, as long as they sent them back within the return date timeline.


Final Thoughts:

Overall, I’d say that the Royal Air-Tight Food Storage Container Set is worth purchasing, especially if you live in a place with high humidity. If you do, these are an excellent choice because they’ll keep your food fresh and you won’t have to worry about soggy crackers, chips, etc. Although this set is a bit more expensive, it’s built to last. If you’re looking for a sturdy, aesthetically pleasing Tupperware set, you ought to give this one a shot.

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  • plus
    Lids are all the same size
  • plus
    High quality
  • plus
    Easy to clean
  • plus
    Lid-locks actually work
  • plus
    Keeps food fresh


  • close
    Largest container is too tall to fit on a shelf
  • close
    Doesn’t fit as much as you’d think

Royal Air-Tight Food Storage Container Set Conclusion

The Royal Air-Tight Food Storage Container Set received great reviews on Amazon, which tells me that this is a set worth buying. If you like to keep things organized and don’t like having to match lids to the bottoms of your containers, this is the set you want. It is BPA free, easy to clean, and made with quality. If you’re interested in reading more about other food storage containers we recommend, head on back to Green and Growing.

Common Questions

Here are some top questions that I found for people seriously considering buying the Royal Air-Tight Food Storage Container Set.

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    Can a box of spaghetti fit in one? Or is it not tall enough?
    Yes, a box of spaghetti will fit just fine in the largest container.
  • chevron-circle-right
    Are these microwave, freezer, dishwasher safe, and BPA free?
    ​These are BPA free, dishwasher and freezer safe, but not microwave safe.​​​
  • chevron-circle-right
    Can they be put in the freezer for storage? Yes, they’re freezer safe.
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