Similac Pro-Total Comfort Infant Formula Review

Whether you want to bottle-feed your newborn or supplement breastfeeding with formula, choosing the right formula is an important decision. You want to pick a formula that offers the best nutrition possible and is not hard on the baby’s stomach. Some babies are sensitive to milk-based formulas, so you may need a more gentle one. One gentle baby formula that you may want to consider is the Similac Pro-Total Comfort infant formula. This product has great reviews and makes our list of the best organic baby formula brands on the market. If you need a place to start learning about organic baby formula, you have come to the right place.

Best Fea​tures

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    Contains 2'-FL HMO to boost immune systems
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    OptiGRO formula
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    Non-GMO ingredients

Initial Thoughts

The Similac Pro-Total Comfort formula is marked as an Amazon’s Choice product, so it is definitely popular. You can find this brand in most grocery stores, which only makes sense considering the company has been around for almost a century. This company is well known and has only improved its formula since it started. The Pro-Total Comfort formula is specifically meant for babies with sensitive stomachs, especially other milk-based formulas. This product currently has a rating of 4 stars on Amazon, but there are not very many reviews. We will take a closer look so you can know if this formula is right for your baby.


The ingredients in your baby formula are crucial to your newborn’s health. Breastfeeding is what gives your infant the best nutrition possible, but breastfeeding is not always an option for all mothers. If you choose to feed your baby formula, you want to pick one with high quality ingredients that will help your child grow and develop properly. Similac Pro-Total Comfort formula contains great ingredients that help your baby digest the formula easily and improve their immune system. Here are just a handful of the ingredients included in this formula.

Human Milk Oligosaccharide

This ingredient is also known as HMO and is a prebiotic like that found in breast milk. It boosts the baby’s immune system by strengthening the good bacteria in their gut. In fact, about 70 percent of a baby’s immune system exists within their gut. Prebiotics also aid in digestion and they can even prevent diseases and improve metabolic health. Adding HMO to the formula helps infants that have a harder time digesting and are oftentimes fussy after feedings.


OptiGRO is a specific combination of ingredients that Similac adds to their formulas. Each ingredient aids in the development of different parts of your baby, giving them a well-rounded dose of nutrients. Other formulas will only include DHA to aid in brain and eye development, but Similac goes even further. Here are the ingredients included in their OptiGRO formula.

  • Antioxidants: These ingredients help protect your child’s cells from the harmful substances they will encounter. The antioxidants included are vitamin C, vitamin E, and selenium.
  • DHA: It mimics the essential fatty acids in breast milk and aids in brain development.
  • Lutein: Commonly found in breast milk, this ingredient helps your baby’s eyes develop properly.
  • Nucleotides: These are the building blocks for cells that support the developing immune system.
  • Prebiotics: As stated earlier, prebiotics help develop a healthy immune system by improving the number of good bacteria in the gut.
  • Vitamin E: Useful in many different instances, vitamin E supports your baby’s developing cells.


The main way that Similac Pro-Total Comfort baby formula helps developing babies is by giving them their own unique blend of nutrients. This formula is the first one to use HMO to strengthen good gut bacteria and strengthen the immune system. Having a strong immune system will protect your infant from getting sick, and the prebiotics will help them digest food easily. This formula is specifically designed to be gentle on a sensitive stomach, which means providing easy to digest nutrients. This formula is also great for babies that are sensitive to other milk-based formulas. It is not entirely lactose-free, but it only contains a small percentage. This can help your baby digest smaller portions of it without ingesting enough to upset their stomach.

The Product

The Similac Pro-Total Comfort infant formula comes in a set of three 36-ounce cans. Similac formulates each can to have the right amount of HMO and OptiGRO nutrients for your child. Each ingredient is also non-GMO, so there are not any potentially harmful chemicals in the baby formula. It only contains balanced nutrition your baby needs to grow and develop. If you buy this three pack on Amazon, a one-time purchase comes out to $140.89, which is $1.30 an ounce. If you decide to do auto-delivery, you can save money and receive the three can for $133.85, which is $1.24 an ounce.

There are only 15 reviews on Amazon, but the reviews are slightly mixed between 5 stars, 4 stars, and 1 star. Based off of what customers state in their reviews, you either love this non-GMO formula or you do not. Those that love the formula noticed a difference in their infant’s behavior, especially reduced fussiness, gas, and irritability. Other parents noticed constipation and increased irritability, so you will have to make an informed decision before trying this formula.

About This Company

Similac has been around for nearly a century and first started in 1903 as the Moores and Ross Milk Company. Two decades later, the Moores and Ross Milk Company created the first commercial milk-based formula and continued to add other formulas. This company merged with Abbott Laboratories in 1964, which helped them to create even more nutritious formulas for infants. With the amount of experience this company has, you can trust them when it comes to baby nutrition.


Many customers report less gas, fussiness, and irritability after switching to Similac Pro-Total Comfort formula. It has a gentle formula that a baby with a sensitive stomach can digest easily. On top of that, Similac also adds additional ingredients that boost your baby’s growth and development. HMO boosts their immune and digestive systems, DHA aids brain development, and the other OptiGRO nutrients help with other growth and development. They also omit potentially harmful chemicals, making this a non-GMO formula.  


The only complaints some customers had about this formula is an increase in irritability or constipation. It is important to note that not every infant will benefit from the Similac Pro-Total Comfort formula. They may have allergies or sensitivities to some of the ingredients or they may be lactose intolerant. It will take time to figure out your baby’s needs, so you are bound to find a formula that does not work. Keep paying attention to your child’s needs so you can figure out which formula will be best for them.

Final Thoughts:

After taking a closer look at the Similac Pro-Total Comfort baby formula, it is easy to see why this brand is so popular. They have been helping parents and children for almost a century to find the right food for their child. They add high quality ingredients to their formula that benefit your child’s growth and development. If you want to give this product a try, you can buy a three-pack on Amazon for $1.30 an ounce.

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  • plus
    Contains HMO for immune health
  • plus
    OptiGRO formula
  • plus
    Non-GMO ingredients


  • close
    May increase gas and irritability in some infants

Similac Pro-Total Comfort Infant Formula Conclusion

When you have to decide which formula is best for your growing infant, you need to consider all of your options carefully. Each child has different needs, and each formula offers something different. Before you decide if Similac is the best for you, be sure to take a look at our page of the best organic baby formula on the market. You are sure to find a great brand for your child that offers the nutrients they need.

Common Questions

Here are some top questions that I found for people seriously considering buying the Similac Pro-Total Comfort Infant Formula.

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    What is HMO? Short for human milk oligosaccharide, this ingredient boosts infant immune systems.
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    What is OptiGRO? This is a unique blend of nutrients that Similac adds to their formulas. It includes DHA, lutein, antioxidants, nucleotides, vitamin E, and prebiotics.

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