Smooth Viking Hair Styling Clay for Men Review

Smooth Viking Hair Styling Clay sounds like a really cool product. I love hair styling products that give my hair a matte finish. There are a lot of reviews for this product on Amazon, and most of the reviews are pretty good! Smooth Viking Hair Styling Clay isn't your regular hair gel; it is more of a pomade. This review will give you the info you need to know when trying to decide if Smooth Viking Hair Styling Clay is right for you.

Best Fea​tures

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    Powerful hold with a matte finish
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    Extremely cost effective
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    Easy to wash out

Initial Thoughts

Hair styling clay's primary use is to style your hair. Styling is why it was made. Many of the hair gel products on the market today are full of harsh chemicals that, while doing their job of holding your hair well, wreck your hair’s health. The chemicals are harsh and they break down your hair cells. The chemicals also tend to coat your hair even after you wash your hair, and that prevents it from getting the nutrients that it needs. Harsh, chemical laden hair gels also tend to dry out your hair and scalp by preventing oil from getting into your hair.

Smooth Viking Hair Styling Clay is a niche product designed to hold your hair into place without giving it that wet look that a lot of hair gels will give your hair. There are a lot of similar products, and they serve to thicken your hair. A styling clay helps your hair take shape. It doesn't freeze it into place like a har gel would. They are designed for different hair styles.Smooth Viking Hair Styling Clay is not a natural product. I honestly hoped it was because "clay" sounds very earthy. Let's look at what is in the product then. 


Hair styling products are something that you might not think about in terms of healthiness when you are buying a new tube. Admittedly, most people purchase hair products based on effectiveness. What you might not know is that hair gel or other styling creams can be one of the most detrimental things you can do to your hair. It stays in your hair for a long time. It is in there possibly days. Only styling products stay in your hair that long. If they are full of damaging chemicals that can really wreck your hair. Unfortunately, Smooth Viking Hair Styling Clay is full of different chemicals. In fact, it seems to be primarily chemical and water based. However, there are also consumer reviews to consider. 


Kaolin is a very fine light-colored clay that is likely made in a factory. Though it can be found in nature, it is just easier to synthesize. It's most early uses were in manufacturing porcelin and china plates. Since then, many uses have been found for Kaolin clay. It is safe to ingest medicinally and it is used to regulate bowel movements. Its fine texture makes it great at making a paste that is easy to mold. This is the natural part of Smooth Viking Hair Styling Clay. It is actually a pretty good product for your hair and can help remove other dirt or impurities from close to your scalp.

Propylene Glycol

This sounded pretty scary to me before I knew what it was. Studying it further, I realized it is a completely harmless sythetic, organic base for many things. Its primary use in a hair is to pull moisture into your hair and help it maintain that thickened look. It also helps your hair stay hydrated throughout the day. So if you are in a drier climate, using gel with propylene glycol is pretty much a given at this point. You would be hard pressed to find anything outside of an all natural hair gel that doesn't contain this ingredient. 

Other Chemicals

​Smooth Viking Hair Styling Clay is loaded with other chemicals. I looked into a lot of them, and while sythesized, none of them are really that bad for your hair. If you read the product reviews, you will see that this stuff is really easy on your hair. They have a lot of oils to keep your hair hydrated, and the only ingredients that really concerned me were the ones listed as an acid. Luckily clay, by nature, offsets the effects of harsher chemicals by providing a solid base. With these ratios, you have really nothing to worry about. 


Hair gel or other styling products are not just for men who want to style their hair. Natural hair gels have many different purposes for both people with short hair who want a specific style and long people who just let their hair hang down every day. Hair gel can do lot of things besides styling your hair. Hair gel is a great way to protect your hair from different weather conditions. If you are facing a really sunny day where you will be outside for an extended period of time, hair gel can help your hair retain moisture and prevent the sun from burning your hair. If hair gel is applied then combed through, it can make hair more smooth looking and control frizz that you might have.

The Product

Smooth Viking Hair Styling Clay is designed to thicken your hair and make it firm enough to style without giving it that wet look of hair gel. The goal of styling clays is to make your style seem like it is just what your hair does naturally. Sometimes, that can underwhelm people who are used to using a firm hair gel. However, this doesn't mean hold isn't important. As with any hair styling product, Smooth Viking Hair Styling Clay is about being able to get the right style. There are tons of reviews that claim this is the best product they have ever used. Reviews say it holds their hair well all day. Many people are switching from their much more expensive products to use Smooth Viking Hair Styling Clay. They claim that it works even better for them than those did. Apparantly it washes out extremely easily as well. 

However, there are a lot of negative reviews too. Smooth Viking Hair Styling Clay seems very devisive. Lots of reviews say that this product smells terrible and doesn't hold their hair at all. This could be because of different hair textures. Products just cling to and hold all hair types very differently. Unfortunately, there isn't really an excuse for the smell. Just know that you are putting clay in your hair. It's gonna smell like chemicals and clay mixed together. Just know that this product may not hold your hair up in the air if you have a lot of it and your hair is heavy. 

About This Company

Everything on this company's website is pretty funny. They have a good marketing and PR team. It looks like the Smooth Viking company's only focus is beard and hair cair. Founded in Florida, the goal is to provide natural looking hair that is smooth and well kempt. My favorite thing about this company, however, is their 100% satisfaction guarantee. Most people will not take advantage of these kinds of guarantees, but for those of us who do, they are great. If something isn't to your liking, you can contact the company through email or phone and request an exchange or product refund. I don't know if this works if you order through a third party distributer, but I know it will work if you order from them. 


Smooth Viking Hair Styling Clay gives users that matte finish that I love. Hoestly, when people ask if my hair "just does that?" I feel great. This product can give you that kind of look extremely easily. This product's price is a lot lower than other clay styling products. You can save money while looking great. Another good thing about Smooth Viking Hair Styling Clay is that it isn't going to damage your hair. A clay is extremely fine, so it washes out really easily. However, because there is a measure of particle to clay, it can help remove other debris and dirt from your hair and scalp. 


Some of the worst things people have found about this product are that it has a very strong smell. There are some pretty creative complaints. I like reading the descriptions people have come up with for the scent. Another complaint is that it doesn't hold certain hair types or doesn't last long enough with certain hair styles. Take into consideration these things before purchasing this product. 

Final Thoughts:

Using hair styling products isn’t something that everyone does, but if you do, often times the not so picky consumers will just use what their hairdresser tells them is good. There is another way! Your hair can be anything you want it to be. There isn’t anything wrong with the simple methods, but why not branch out and try something new? Just know that there are so many options when it comes to styling your hair. Use a product that will match what you want to do and will fit your budget. Smooth Viking Hair Styling Clay might just be the hair product you have been looking for. 

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  • plus
    Powerful hold with a matte finish
  • plus
    Extremely cost effective
  • plus
    Easy to wash out


  • close
    Strong, potentially unpleasant smell. 

Smooth Viking Hair Styling Clay for Men Gel Conclusion

Smooth Viking Hair Styling Clayis a great product that has left many people completely satisfied. If you like a natural look that can last all day and will compliment your hair health, this should be your new go to. Smooth Viking Hair Styling Clay will keep your hair looking natural and smooth while also helping you achieve the style you want. Unfortunately, if you want a real updo, you may need to use other products as well to get it to stay. If you don't like it, you can always cash in on that 100% satisfaction guarantee. However, this product isn't really that expensive, so if you do end up liking but not loving it, you aren't out that much money if you don't return it. Give it a shot, and you might find Smooth Viking Hair Styling Clay was the styling product your hair always really needed. 

Common Questions

Here are some top questions that I found for people seriously considering buying the Smooth Viking Hair Styling Clay for Men.

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    How many ounces is it? It comes in a 2 oz. can. That'll last longer than you think because styling doesn't require that much product.
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    Does this make your hair hard? No! Your hair will be thickened, but will remain pliable and natural feeling. 

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