Sprout Organic Baby Food Pouches Stage 2 Review

Sprout Organic Baby Food Pouches seem to be very popular among parents. They currently have a 3.8 star rating on Amazon and the majority of reviews are very positive. However, there have seemed to be some issues with the packing that we will also address. But, let's dig into Sprout Organic Baby Food pouches and see if they are truly good products.

Best Fea​tures

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    USDA Certified Organic
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    No Additives
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    BPA Free

Item Specifics

Sprout Organic baby food pouches are a stage 2 baby food that typically start around 6 months and up. Here, the baby food will be thicker and may feature small and soft pieces of food. Since babies at this age still do not have many teeth, the pieces of food will be soft enough for them to chew with their gums, but still substantial for their appetite. Now, these pieces of food will still be sparse, as the real chunks are yet to come. It is also a good idea at this stage to start mixing different foods together, like pureed meats and vegetables, or vegetables and fruits. In addition, at this age, it is also safe to allow them mashed, fresh fruits, like bananas. As for the serving sizes for stage two, it is recommended that you start with a teaspoon or two of each food and increase the portions to a quarter cup to a half cup of food, twice a day. However, it is also important not to overfeed your kid. Look for signs from your baby that they are full. For example, if they turn their head away from the spoon after a few spoonfuls, do not force more. 

Sprout Organic Baby Food pouches come, obviously, in a pouch style. While this does make feeding your baby very convenient, there is also a downside to the pouch design. Pouches can be a hotbed for mold growth and the nature of non-transparent pouches make it hard to detect mold. While there have not been any reports about this brand having any mold, it is still a good idea to squeeze the food onto a spoon instead of directly from the pouch to your baby's mouth. Speaking about the quality of the food, this stage 2 food comes certified organic by the USDA, as well as certified as non-GMO. This means that the ingredients inside this baby food are grown without pesticides, GMOs and are made without any preservatives, concentrates, or any other additives. 


Sprout Organic baby food pouches have many great features. As they are USDA certified organic, this means that every ingredient is made from whole fruits and vegetables. When looking at the Pear, Kiwi, Peas, Spinach recipe, Sprout shows exactly what is in the baby food. They do this with every one of their products. For this specific recipe, the ingredients include Organic pears, kiwi, peas, spinach, and lemon juice. The lemon juice acts as a natural preservative, since this organic product does not contain any artificial preservatives. 

Going back to the pouch design for a moment. While the pouch is not the most eco-friendly baby food design, it is made from much less plastic, giving it a smaller environmental footprint. In addition, the cap is resealable and recyclable, decreasing the overall footprint the pouches have on the environment. 

About This Company

According to Sprout's website, Sprout Foods, Inc. was launched in 2008 by a small group of friends. The goal of this new food company was to develop wholesome, organic baby food products that actually tasted good. Sprout was a leader in innovation, as they launched the very first baby food in a pouch. This revolutionized the baby food industry as it gave parents the ability to feed their children on the go. 

In 2012, Sprout widened their range of products to toddler meals. As a result of popular demand, they launched their Toddler Snacks a year later, as well as smoothies and snacks for all ages. Now, Sprout organic baby food has more than 50 organic options available. However, with their stage 2 foods, they have 20 different recipes, along with 2 kinds of puff snacks. All of their products include the same whole and organic ingredients, without any additives. 


Sprout Organic Baby Food is both organic certified and non-GMO certified by the USDA. Their ingredients contain only whole and organically grown ingredients without any artificial additives. 

The pouch design is very convenient and somewhat eco-friendly. The pouches contain much less plastic and the caps are recyclable, making the overall environmental footprint fairly low. 

There have been no complaints of mold growth in the Sprout Organic Baby Food pouches. Mold is a common issue when looking at organic baby food in pouches, but thankfully, there does not seem to be a problem here. 


Nearly all of the recipes for the stage 2 food by Sprout organic baby food features fruits combined with veggies. This, while is a good way of introducing new flavors and textures to your little one, can also end up being a bad this. This is because if all your child gets are veggies mixed with fruits, this tells them that veggies are only good when sweetened by fruits, and they will be less likely to try plain veggies in the future. 

The nutritional value for a lot of these recipes is not the best. In fact, there seems to be high levels of sodium and sugars. Sodium, or salt, is a learned taste and may cause your baby to crave salty foods in the future. Sugar on the other hand is not great for your child in high amounts as it can lead to weight gain. Not to mention, you baby does not need any extra sugar in their lives. 

Final Thoughts:

The most common issue I have seen during my research is trouble with the packaging. Many people have complained that the packaging came broken, with a white, sticky substance on the bottom, inside of the box, even that some of the pouches came with the seal on the cap broken. Now, this may just be the fault of the way it was shipped. But it is still an issue that may be a dead breaker for some people. Buying things online always comes with some inherent risk of the product being damaged during the shipping process. More so when ordering food as they are much more fragile than electronics or household items. But these instances may just be outliers in an otherwise experience, so the choice is yours. 

Sprout Organic Baby Food Pouches Stage 2, best organic baby food


  • plus
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    Low eco-footprint
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    Certified organic and non-GMO


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    Fruit and veggie combos teach wrong things plain veggies
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    High levels of sodium and sugar

Sprout Organic Baby Food Pouches Stage 2 Conclusion

Overall, the biggest concern is the nutritional value. However, it is not the same for every single recipe. So my personal advice is to check out the label on the back and decide whether or not this brand is right for your child. If you decide that it is, you can grab a 15 count variety pack on Amazon for $34.71. For any other information, including the best organic baby food, check out the rest of Green and Growing. 

Common Questions

Here are some top questions that I found for people seriously considering buying the Sprout Organic Baby Food Pouches Stage 2.

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    Are the caps recyclable? Yes, they are also resealable as well. 
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    What daily value do these foods have? Each recipe is different, so it is best to take a brief look at the back label before ordering. 

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