Sprout Pencil: A Clever Way to Make Pencils Sustainable and Reusable

There are so many different types of pencils. Form wooden pencils to mechanical pencils. Most likely, you have a personal preference for the type of pencil that you use. I know I do. Personally, I prefer to use mechanical pencils. I think that they write smoother and feel better on my hands. For some, the feel of a classic wooden pencil is ideal. However, what do we really know about the pencils we use? Are they recyclable? Do they hurt the environment? Well, I’m here to say that pencils aren’t completely recyclable and have an impact on the environment. Fortunately, there is a sprout pencil. Created by a company called sprout, the sprout pencil is a way to reduce the effects of recycling pencils. They have taken an everyday item and made it sustainable. Basically, they’ve changed the way people will use and discard pencils.

The Anatomy of a Sprout Pencil

A sprout pencil looks like any other wooden pencil. It has a tip that you write with and a long middle to hold onto while you write. However, it doesn’t have an eraser. Instead, there’s a container that holds seeds where the eraser would normally go. Overall, a sprout pencil looks like a regular pencil, but is so much more spectacular.

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Image Source: Make the World Sprout

How to Plant the Seeds

The most unique characteristic about the sprout pencil is that you can plant seeds with it. Once you’ve used the pencil to the best of its ability, then you can plant it. Simply, stick the “eraser” end into soil at an angle so that the soil only covers the seed capsule. Make sure that the soil is moist before you insert the pencil. It’s best to use a pot, however, it could work just fine in a garden. Next, put the pot in natural light. Like any other plant, water the pot regularly. It should take about 3 weeks for your sprout pencil to sprout.

But Wait, There's More!

Sprout pencils are made with biodegradable materials. The tip is made from clay and graphite. The torso is made of sustainable cedar wood. Also, the seed capsule is biodegradable. Speaking of seeds, there are 14 different seeds that you can choose from. Each one will prosper when you plant it. Granted, you need to make sure that you’re taking care of the plant or else it will die. However, if you’re nervous about taking care of a plant because you don’t have a great track record, then you shouldn’t fear. The sprout website has so many downloadable information packets that are easy to use. They outline difficultly level of the seeds and realistic expectations about growing the seeds. Also, they have growing tips that will make your life so much easier.


In conclusion, sprout pencils are an ideal way to reuse pencils. We use pencils every day. Sometimes, we go through multiple pencils a day. Before, there wasn’t an ideal way to recycle them. However, sprout has changed the way we discard out pencils. Instead of throwing them away, you can plant them to create a beautiful life form. Some seeds you can use for cooking, like basil and coriander. Also, some of the plants are more decorative than anything. Like, daisy’s and forget me not's. Overall, sprout pencils allow us to be more sustainable in our everyday life. Also, they don’t cost an arm and a leg like you’d expect! Sprout pencils rock, well, technically, they plant!   

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