Teen Climate Activist Greta Thunberg Sets Sail For NY On Zero-Carbon Yacht

Swedish teen climate activist Greta Thunberg set sail on a zero-carbon yacht bound for New York this week, preparing to attend a climate change summit, according to The Washington Post:

“The Swedish teenager set sail Wednesday on her nearly 3,000-mile trip from Plymouth, England, to New York, where she plans to attend the United Nations Climate Action Summit in September.

“Thunberg is making the journey aboard the 60-foot, carbon-neutral Malizia II sailboat to avoid flying. Air travel emits as much carbon dioxide annually as some of the world’s major economies, according to Tristan Smith, a lecturer at University College London’s Energy Institute. Cruise ships are also significant emitters.”

Shortly after the voyage was underway, Thunberg sent out a message to her nearly 1 million followers on Twitter:

The passage to the United States is just the first leg of Thunberg’s overall itinerary. After she attends the Climate Action Summit in New York on September 23, she then travels to Santiago for the UN climate conference.

Before she departed Plymouth, England, Thunberg spoke with reporters. She was asked about criticism from Steve Milloy, a Fox News contributor and former member of the Trump transition team, who derided the 16-year-old climate activist as “the ignorant teenage climate puppet.” Her reply was measured and suggested wisdom well beyond her years:

“There’ll always be people who don’t understand or accept the science. I’ll ignore them. Climate delayers want to shift the focus from the climate crisis to something else. I won’t worry about that. I’ll do what I need.”

And the yacht Thunberg is traveling proves her devotion to the environment, The Guardian notes:

“The Malizia II is an 18 metre (60ft) racing yacht that was built for round-the-world challenges and has just completed the Fastnet race, which runs every two years. It generates the power for lighting and communication through solar panels and underwater turbines.”

For his part, the captain of the Malizia II, Boris Hermann said he wants to prove that a journey can be just as enjoyable without the use of fossil fuels if only because it allows passengers to get closer to nature:

“I want to show that this can be positive and exciting. And that solidarity with Greta is not limited to eco-activists.”

Thunberg burst onto the international scene last year when she led climate strikes at her school in Stockholm. Her actions inspired young people around the world to demand government leaders address the growing problem of global climate change. Thunberg was even nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize in March. And she’s remained active ever since:

“She has been invited to UN summits, feted at the World Economic Forum in Davosnominated for the Nobel peace prize, collaborated on a song with the band the 1975, appeared on the cover of countless magazines and been credited with injecting new life into the climate movement.

“Last month, the head of the trillion-dollar Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (Opec) described the campaign by Greta and others as the greatest threat to the fossil fuel industry.”

Despite the attention and adulation, Thunberg has remained modest and low-key, insisting that she shouldn’t be the focus of the story. Instead, she reminds us all that one person can indeed make a difference:

“Some things are actually changing, like the mindsets of people. It’s not fast enough, but it’s something.”

Bon voyage and best wishes, Greta!



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