Important Things To Remember About Ways To Reduce Carbon Footprint

The environment affects us all. It's such a big topic that many people think they can't possibly make a difference. However, it's important to remember that we can all contribute to the problem and the solution. The little decisions you make every day can make the world a better (or worse) place. Here is everything you need to know about your carbon footprint and ways to reduce carbon footprint.

What Is Your Carbon Footprint?

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Your carbon footprint is the amount of pollution you put out into the environment. Every human and each corporation has a carbon footprint. We emit toxins in everything we do from driving to turning on the heat in your home. 

Anything that uses gas, electricity, or other fossil fuels will emit a certain level of toxins into the world. The items we buy also contribute to our carbon footprint. After all, every item is manufactured using fossil fuels. Plus, we can recycle some items while we can't recycle others.

These decisions matter. To learn your carbon footprint, try using a calculator designed to determine just that. The goal is to have the smallest carbon footprint possible, so we will go over ways to reduce carbon footprint.

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How Does Your Carbon Footprint Impact Climate Change?

As we mentioned earlier, your carbon footprint is the amount of carbon emissions you release into the environment.

These emissions affect our environment, putting holes into the ozone layer. The more holes that are put into the ozone layer, the less effective it is at regulating temperatures on our planet.

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Recently, several studies have proven that climate change is making the oceans warmer. As the oceans get warmer, it affects every other ecosystem on the planet. For example, warm oceans may kill fish, making it harder for seagulls to get food. 

When we tear down rainforests and other natural areas to make room for factories, we are ruining the ecosystem for many plants and animals, preventing them from regulating our climate.

Ways to Reduce Carbon Footprint

We should all be looking for ways to reduce carbon footprint. Here are just a couple of the ways you can contribute.

Walk More or Share Rides

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Most people would rather take the car to the store instead of walking. While we understand, consider the facts. Driving 3.75 miles at 39 mpg will add a kilogram of carbon dioxide into the environment. If possible, walk! 

If you can't walk, consider taking public transportation to reduce the number of vehicles on the road. Finally, ask co-workers if they might want to carpool to work.

Limit the Amount of Heat You Use

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Many of us live in areas with harsh winters. Naturally, we will turn on the heat during especially cold days. However, we want to limit how often we turn on the heat and how high we set it as one way to reduce carbon footprint.

Try wearing warm clothes and blankets to keep you and your family warm without the heat. It also gives you an excuse to make some hot cocoa or tea.

Limit Plastics

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Plastic items are bad for the environment. However, we use them in a variety of things. Instead of using plastic bags at the grocery store, bring your own reusable bags. Keep them by the front door or in your car so you won't forget them. 

If you're only getting one item, tell the cashier you don't need a bag at all. Why waste a plastic bag for a small item you can put into your purse or your pocket?

Finally, try to avoid plastic water bottles by using the same reusable cup every day. Also, avoid using plastic straws.

Turn Off the Lights

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How many times have you gone to the store and noticed that you left the television or the lights on at home? Not only are you increasing your electricity bill, but you are also emitting more pollution into the air by using unnecessary electricity. 

Turn everything off before you leave, including the air conditioning! Open the windows instead of using the air conditioning if possible. Finally, be sure to use the more economic options available for ways to reduce carbon footprint.

Instead of standard incandescent lights, try using LED lights that last longer and use less electricity.

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Shop with the Right Companies

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Because of the impact industry has on climate change, many companies are doing their best to lower their carbon footprint. Alternatively, many companies do not make this a priority at all.

Research which companies care about the environment and attempt to buy their items as opposed to the competition as often as you can. You have the choice to make the right decisions as a consumer, so use this power wisely.


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There are several organizations around the world that fight to conserve nature and animals. These efforts keep the world green.

If you want to do more than the small things you can do at your home, donate your time and/or your money to these organizations. Be sure to research the charity before you contribute.

Speak Up

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One person making the right decisions for the environment makes a huge difference. However, multiple people making the right decisions for the environment makes an even bigger impact.

Speak up about your concerns about climate change and your carbon footprint. You may convince other people to make positive changes. You may even meet people who can teach you new ways to contribute.

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While we may not see how important it is right now, if we don't reduce our carbon footprint immediately, it can greatly affect future generations. They may not experience the same comfort we do. 

They may even lose out on seeing beautiful animals and natural landscapes around the world. This is not only to help us, but it's to help our children and grandchildren.

Now that you know ways to reduce carbon footprint, you can take action today! Get your friends involved and remember that it's everyone's duty to take care of our planet.

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