What Did We Accomplish on Earth Day This Year?

The build-up to Earth Day was huge, with many (including us at Green and Growing) urging each other to end plastic pollution in the world. But what would the build-up be worth if there was not a follow-up? If you gave consent to receive emails from earthday.org, you would have received an email with an update on how the months leading up to Earth Day and the big day itself turned out.

Earth Day 2018 Statistics

These are the numbers for those who chose to fight plastic pollution this Earth Day. Were you one of them?

  • Over 23,000 activities were organized around the world to clean up parks, rivers, beaches, and trails. These are only the ones that were reported; there may have been many more!
  • Over 24,000 people used the materials provided on the Earth Day website for educators and teachers.
  • Over 40,000 people used the provided plastic pollution calculator on the Earth Day website. Learning about how much you waste as an individual is a great motivator to reduce your plastic consumption.
  • Over 78,000 downloaded the provided toolkits. They provided a ton of information on plastic waste and the things you can do to make a difference in your community.
  • Over 5.5 million content items flooded the internet about Earth Day and plastic pollution. The content spanned 17 languages around the world. So many people are spreading awareness for Earth Day and encouraging one another to make our Earth greener and cleaner.

All of the tools and information provided for Earth Day are still available on their website. It is never too late to get started on reducing, reusing, recycling, and refusing plastic products.

Plastic Pollution Facts

If you are still on the fence when it comes to making the effort to end plastic pollution, here are some facts that will boggle your mind.

  • If we do not reduce our current plastic and slow down what companies are currently making, plastic will outweigh fish in the ocean in 2050. There are already animals dying in our oceans and many more will die if the amount of plastic littering their environment continues.
  • People purchase one million plastic bottles every minute, and they recycle less than half of them. We ought to at least try to recycle our plastics if we cannot avoid them.
  • Practically every single piece of plastic still exists today. It takes hundreds of years for plastic to decompose, and plastic has not been around long enough for that to happen. Some facilities incinerated plastic, but the rest remains.
  • People use 500 million plastic straws every day in America. That is enough to circle the Earth twice.

You can find more facts on plastic pollution here.


Every day should be Earth Day because ending plastic pollution is not going to end by changing our lifestyles for a day out of the year. It will be a continuous effort that will make the difference. It is never too late to start, and you do not have to be perfect from the beginning. Little by little, you can make changes to control your plastic waste.

Image Source: Pixabay

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